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iPageiPage was founded in the year 1998. It aims to provide superb hosting quality service to all sorts of customers ranging from small business owners to large corporations. Nevertheless, a new user on the internet would also be suitable to be a customer of iPage because they have a diverse range of service which can provide a solution for any type of demand. Let's take a look at what are the benefits that we can get if we choose to host our website with iPage.

Reliability is the key to a successful website. With iPage, you can get 99.9% uptime for you sites. This is important for any website owner who is looking to run a profitable online business. You never know when your visitors will come to your website. Therefore, it is important to have it running at all times if possible. If a visitor arrives at your site and it is down, this will leave a bad impression and affect your reputation. So, the server uptime of your provider must be stable like what you can get from iPage.

As for the cost, iPage provides the best price in the market with their shared hosting packages.If you are an owner of a small business or a medium-sized business, you can opt for their Essential Hosting package. This package will provide you with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, database plus additional features that can save you up to $450. In addition, they have some additional add-ons that you can add to your hosting package based on your preferences. One of the add-ons that you should consider is their Automate Site Backup. This is a good add-on because it can help you with your website security. You must never neglect your website security because all of your information must be kept confidential.

iPage is one of the top web host organizations on the planet. The company has 10 years of experience, and has organised everything from business to individual to not for revenue and social websites during that time. Their characteristic is "flexibility," because they understand that no two clients have the same needs. This guarantees that you are able to create the web page that you need, with no problem or difficulty.

You will also discover that iPage can handle a remarkable range of different systems, such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Movement, and also allows you to create your own value to ensure you are able to personalize your web page as much as possible.

In inclusion, iPage provides the best in web page protection, defending both you and your guests. Mixing day-to-day viruses tests, trash checking, SiteLock technological innovation and website confirmation, iPage places your protection first.


Unlimited hard drive space
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited domains
Unlimited bandwidth
Online assistance system
Anytime money-back guarantee
Chat, e-mail and cellphone support
Free on the internet store

Pricing Concerns

Price is always an important issue when assessing web host solutions. However, with iPage, you can depend on low costs that works with your funds. While other serves offer tiered costs and create you pay extra for many niceties, iPage goes the range and gives you everything for an amazingly cheap cost. Just $3.50 per month gets you all the functions the organization provides, such as marketing resources, endless hard drive place and bandwidth, support assistance, a no cost web shop and more.

Reliability and Up-time Information

When assessing webhosts, you certainly need to take the host's stability and uptime into account. After all, if your web page is down, then your clients cannot check out. This means missing revenue for you.

However, iPage can feature 99.9% uptime, which is about as excellent as it gets. The host's stability is also renowned. These two aspects alone should be enough to persuade you that iPage is the right choice for your web host needs, but the attributes above provides even more benefits for those selecting to join with this coordinator.

Control Panel

Obviously, you'll want to know what sort of person interface you'll have to deal with. Often, the quality of the person program can do or die a connection between a customer and a coordinator. Now, while iPage does not use cPanel, don't let that prevent you. Their custom-built person interface provides as much versatility and management as you might want, over all aspects of your web page. It even provides some functions that you won't discover with cPanel.

Customer Support

An essential component of discovering an excellent web coordinator is discovering one that loves you enough to offer excellent support assistance and assistance. Here, iPage goes beyond the cod. In fact, they're an unusual kind these days, where many organizations think that excellent support assistance is offering an e-mail. iPage provides e-mail assistance, discussion assistance and cellphone assistance. Moreover, you'll discover lessons, a platform of knowledge, FAQs and more on the web page to help you out.


Ipage has been quite popular with its services in regards with web hosting. It has been in business since the year 1995, a long since then till date, the reputation has been quite good and a lot of people seem to be using the services. When it comes to performance, it is very important to rely on the company that is genuine and not like those who use fancy marketing strategies to pull customers and eventually cheat people. To know more about Ipage, the best source to go with is the Ipage review. This review talks in details about the development, right from the early stages to the current stage.

Though there are other good companies in the run as well, but when it comes to complete deals then what comes from Ipage is irreplaceable. There are many features based on which this company is a high rated one. To start off with, in terms of reliability, it holds a good position. It is very obvious that any customer would want to invest into something that he or she feels is worth being relied upon. Ipage uses fastest machines, which means that there are great deals of servers on the run that are available to support your website. The Ipage review places special emphasis on such points so that the reader gets to know more about the Ipage and also help the customers to take the right decision.

Apart from this Ipage also offers great amount of security. Today all of us are worried about the building threat of scam that is happening on the internet these days. Therefore whatever web hosting company you go with, it is very important to make sure that the company offers great amount of security not just in terms of 24/7 but also something that is well equipped and advanced. Ipage can definitely get brownie points for this, as it fulfils all the requirements of the customers. with a very flexible and affordable price and a really set of customer service making sure that you are never facing any problem, with so much you don't have to look any further than Ipage.


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