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inmotion hostingIf you have resolved in the New Year to set up a website for your business, or even move your present site to a new server, this is the time to shop around the various services. Typically at the beginning of the year web hosting companies will offer specials to entice you to enlist their options, and while you may find a deal in price you need to know if you get everything you need to run a site efficiently. InMotion Web Hosting is one such company that avails itself to mom-and-pop businesses and larger corporations alike with a selection of service plans which specifically cater to certain needs.

Perhaps one thing that has prevented you from creating your own website is the prospect of paying for bells and whistles you do not need. The people at InMotion Web Hosting understand how the Internet can intimidate some, which is why different plans are set up to provide everything from the basic space and content management to more powerful functions like file hosting and eCommerce support. Within each plan for Personal, Business, and VPS hosting are sub-plans that determine your disk space usage and domain support. If you plan to host a site with only ten pages for promoting your products, restaurant, or events, you could pay as little as six dollars a month and still receive the same 24/7 customer service support as a premium plan. Compared with similar companies like GoDaddy and HostGator, InMotion maintains competitive costs.

With the basic business and personal plans you manage your sites through the standard control panel, CPanel, which is used by other hosting services and is quite intuitive and user friendly. If you are more comfortable editing web pages via a program like Fireworks or Dreamweaver, there are options to FTP your data directly to your folders. With each plan, also, you have corresponding e-mail for your domain, and the ability to install WordPress and other popular content management systems like Joomla. There is support for PHP and PERL and MySQL depending on the level of service you opt for, and for extra fees you can hand over the design to them as well.

InMotion Hosting makes some pretty lofty claims on its website. For example, it states that it is up to 6 times faster than its competition. The company is certainly in need of improvements based on its last incarnation which did not offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space or support for many programming languages. However, InMotion Hosting are a company with a good reputation and what they offer is ideal for businesses looking for basic web hosting.


InMotion Hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee which provides peace of mind for businesses trying web hosting out for the first time. You also receive free domain registration/transfer the first time you sign up. They offer several different packages such as Virtual Private Servers and personal cheap hosting but we will concentrate on what Business Class has to offer.

  • Launch: Their cheapest Business Class package will set you back $5.95 a month. You receive unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly transfer privileges. You also get 2 sites and 6 domains are supported.
  • Power: This package is $7.95 a month and offers 6 sites on one account, 26 domains supported, 100 additional sub domains, 2,000 FTP accounts and much more.
  • Pro: This is their most expensive Business Class offering and will set you back $13.95 a month. You are allowed up to 25 sites on one account and an unlimited amount of domains supported. The Pro package also gives you unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts.


InMotion Hosting enables you to access your account settings and site via a control panel and the FTP access with unlimited accounts on the Pro package is extremely welcome. Their customer support team is excellent as their representatives seem to know the answer to everything relating to their products. Well done to InMotion Hosting for training their staff so well. You also receive a website builder with any of the business plans you purchase which allows you to create websites in minutes.

Another benefit of having a Business Class account is the availability of Google AdWords. This terrific tool helps you find relevant keywords which can be used on your website. It shows you how many times a specific keyword is searched for as well as telling you if there is stiff competition for any given keyword. The ecommerce hosting through InMotion Hosting is compatible with Google Checkout and several other shopping cart systems. It should be noted that websites looking to accept credit card payments need to get an SSL certificate.


The fact that this service does not list the number of addresses or the amount of storage space you receive in their email offerings is rather confusing. Also, it is lacking Ruby on Rails (RoR) and there is no mention of the prices one must pay in order to receive upgrades such as SSL certificates and dedicated IP addresses. The unlimited bandwidth and disk space are welcome improvements on old versions of web hosting but there are still several things missing which prevents this service from competing with the best in the industry. It is an excellent starting point for those seeking simple web hosting however.

One of the award winning companies among hosting group is the InMotion hosting company which is offering a large number of online services to their clients all around the globe. The company was established in year 2001 and it quickly became an accepted and renowned one because of the expertise and services related to different web solutions. Other than web hosting services, InMotion is one of the companies that are also offering server-hosting solutions for both VPS or dedicated, convenient website management wherein the business could easily hire the company as it would be helpful in developing their web portals to a great extent.

There are two main kinds of hosting services that are being offered by InMotion that is personal and business. The personal hosting package is worth $3.00 per month and you could enjoy considerable 100GB of the storage capacity along with 1TB of data transfer. On the other hand, the business solutions package is offering the clients with unlimited storage capacity and data transfer; the price range is around $6.95 per month.

You are going to enjoy a large number of benefits while you are making use of the InMotion online services and one of the primary benefits include the robust and speedy email service. Whether you are using business or personal package, you will be offered with an unlimited email accounts facility. All such email accounts are more likely webmail kind of accounts which enables the users to easily and convenient access their accounts no matter wherever they are in the world.

Nevertheless, the developers also prefer InMotion because it is extremely flexible to make use of while working with different web languages like JavaScript, Perl C++, and even PHP which allow users to build Ajax based application with ease and convenience. Moreover, users will be able to control their web portals with the help of the CPanel facility. They will be enjoying a large number of functions and features mainly including Email to file access and many more.


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